We cannot underestimate the power of adjustment once we understand the power of nervous system.



Often people associate chiropractic as limited to  addressing neck or back pain.  However,  it must be remembered that the spine's function is to protect the spinal cord, a direct extension of the brain.  Our body is meant to move and stay flexible.  However, with time, our posture and biomechanics  change in compensating for various activities and traumas that stress the body.  When a joint in our body is not moving properly and this imbalance disturbs the nervous system, it is called a SUBLUXATION.  

As every cell in our body has a direct neurological influence, subluxation  can affect your ability to use your muscles, move, feel your sense of touch, pain and temperature. It also affects the body's ability to maintain itself; regulate its proper temperature, keep it breathing properly, keep the heart beating regularly, control the flow of blood through the blood vessels, control proper digestion and elimination, while even controlling the body's immune system.

Chiropractic adjustment corrects subluxation by applying specific pressure to the bone to proper alignment.  This allows the nervous system to communicate with the rest of the body freely, hence optimizes your quality of life in function. In this way, chiropractic is nothing but limiting!



If you know anything about chiropractic care, the basic understanding deals with adjusting the spine which begins from your neck to your pelvis to achieve the proper function of the nervous system. However, eighty percent of your nervous system is within your skull, not your spine!

Craniopathy (not cranial-sacral therapy which uses only a small piece of craniopathy) is a specialized chiropractic field dealing with micro motion (yes, they move!) of the skull.  The skull aka cranial bones evolves from membrane and is pliable throughout your life.  Its proper movement with your breathing rhythm affects your entire health, including your concentration and energy level, metabolism, hormonal system, TMJ function and many more. 



This technique earmarks organs that are dysfunctional and thereby inhibiting the neurological responses leading to repair and healing. Each organ has a specific reflex point coupled with a specific level of the spine. Clearing this area is vitally essential to healing processes and effectiveness in numerous internal organ problems such as acid reflux, asthma, colitis, uterine fibroids, and menstrual disorders.