When it comes to nutrition, Dr. Katie is serious about providing the most comprehensive support.  She specializes nutritional supplementation (vitamins, mineral, probiotics, and glandular), detoxification (general, specific, heavy metals), German homeopathy (classic and modern),  Chinese herbal medicine, drainage therapy, and dietary counseling according to living foods. 

 Dr. Katie provides comprehensive consultation and assessment of each patient  in order to get to the root of the condition. Whether you are struggling with weight loss, food cravings, fatigue, digestive problems, hormonal problems, compromised immune system, stress, insomnia, or unexplained symptoms, Dr. Miller offers a natural solution to your needs.



Being an expert in nutrition for holistic health inside and out, vitamins and supplements provided by Dr. Miller are the top quality and are distributed exclusively to health professionals.  With numerous options available, people often make mistakes taking 'store' purchased vitamins without any professional guidance.  This leads to dangerous toxicity, unresolved symptoms, and remaining malnutrition. 

Dr. Miller has made a careful selection of professional brands which are Triple GMP certified, whole food  based, and gluten/ yeast free that come from the the cleanest manufacturing facilities and undergo rigorous third party testing.  

Dr. Katie carries the most effective and puriest homeopathy and herbal rememdies available.  Her homeopathic formulas are made in Germany where homeopathic medicine was invented.  She also provides herbal formulas from the volcanic islands of the South Pacifics.  These islands are known for thier ancient, nutrient rich soil that contains high levels of beneifical micro-organisms.  This combination creates the richest soil on earth and the climate is perfect for producting vegetation containing potent medicinal substances.



Detox/ Drainage Therapy

Drainage Therapy is to specifically increase circulatioon- to clear the path to the cells.  Many disease related symptoms result from poor circulation in the affected organ system.  Sluggish circulation in any organ tissue leads to a build-up of cellular wastes (metabolites).

 All cells are surrounded by connective tissue.  Toxic build up hinders the passing of nutrients through connective tissue for delivery to the cells and impairs drainage of cellular wastes. 

Drainage therapy protect organ systems and move the the previously stored toxic residuals out of the body quickly and safely.  


Lab Tests

Dr. Katie utilizes unique and legitimate lab tests from qualified testing facilities.  

  • Saliva Test
    • Adrenal Stress
    • Bone Health
    • Female Hormone
    • Food Allergy
    • GI Health
    • Male Hormone
    • Menopausal Health
  • Stool Analysis
    • Parasites
    • Fungi
    • Bacteria
    • Sensitivities
  • Micro-nutrient
    • Vitamins, Mineral and Antioxidant deficiencies
  • Hair Mineral Analysis
    • Heavy Metal
  • Toxicity Urine Test
    • Phthalates and Parabens
    • Organophosphates
    • BPA, Triclosan, and 4-Nonylphenol 

The following symptoms are currently addressed nutritionally as a part of Dr. KatiE's treatment protocol and one-one consultation. 

- Weight Management
- Hormonal Imbalance
- Autism
- Thyroid Problems
- Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
- Fibromyalgia
- Cholesterol
- Infertility
- Hair loss/ Exhaustion
- Environmental Stress
- Sugar Imbalance
- Insomnia
-  Multiple Sclerosis
- Parkinson's
- Autoimmune Disease
- Support during cancer Therapy
- Skin Conditions
- Arthritic/ Rheumatic/ Gout conditoins